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Workshops run for approximately 1.5 hours and involve 3 to 70 people. During COVID-19 pandemic social distancing protocols, these workshops are now being held online in Zoom, with collaborative whiteboards. 

Snap! Challenge content development workshops online

In a Snap! Challenge workshop you play a table-top game to build a branching narrative with a group. Your starting point is a short scenario. Teams work with story design templates in a timed challenge. Your goal is to navigate an ethical challenge while delivering a business objective for your company.  

Teams can be a mix of early career employees, faculty, and corporate advisors. 

Draw pictures, predict the future, state objections, roll dice to decide which path *your boss* will take. 

Content may be adapted into a Digital Interactive and added to our collection on this site.

You will receive co-creation credit with your team. 

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