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Interactive Narratives for

Ethical Decision-Making

IN.Lab is co-directed by Dr. Chris MacDonald and Hilary Martin.

We build Interactives (choice-based narratives) playable on mobile and digital devices. 

In these character-driven scenarios, players must navigate ethical leadership challenges in the workplace. 

We are conducting three studies to keep our Interactives realistic:

  1. MBA student interviews on ethical challenges they faced in their early career roles and how they navigated these challenges

  2. In-class research comparing the use of traditional paper cases vs interactive narratives to develop critical thinking in workplace ethics challenges

  3. Think Aloud Protocols to better understand and design for the emotional side of ethical decision-making challenges, in order to improve our text-based digital experiences for reflection and creative problem-solving 

These studies, plus our collaborative content workshops with students, faculty, early career employees, and corporate advisors, help us to write realistic challenges, responses, and outcomes.

IN.Lab was built with the early support of the Brookfield Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

IN.Lab is grateful for the support of of the Ryerson community in launching as an independent initiative at Ted Rogers School of Management in 2020.  The project started as 'GameLab' at the Ted Rogers Leadership Centre.

For commercial applications of this project, visit 

For more information, contact Hilary Martin.

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