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Welcome to IN.Lab's collection of interactive narrative ethics challenges.

Click 'What do you do?' to explore a choice-based scenario.

09 Regulation at TRS

     Polymers Ltd. (series)

You are an environmental compliance specialist for a small plastics manufacturing company, TRS Polymers Ltd. On a daily basis, you, your team, and the Chief Compliance Officer have to make tough decisions with far-ranging consequences for the company, the environment, and sometimes your own job.

08 Selling It

You are in your first week as a commissioned sales associate. One of your colleagues is constantly closing, but their tactics make you wonder if sales is the place for you. 

07 Rationalizations

You are a market researcher at a small firm, hoping to convert your short contract into a full-time job. You need more data points to deliver a solid report for a client. Then your boss moves up your deadline. 

06 Chaos in Cambodia

You are a few hours away from a long-deserved getaway at the cottage with family. Then the phone rings. There's been a major accident at a factory in your supply chain. 

05 Overtime

You are a junior employee working a short-term contract at a small market research firm. You want to show your boss that you are a team player and secure a permanent position.

04 Perks of the Job

You are a customer service rep for a major airline. You and your bandmates need to get to a gig in LA.

03 Missing the Message

You are one half of a dynamic team of two. However your colleague seems to be getting too close for comfort. 

02 "Their" People

You are in competition for a promotion. However your Haudenosaunee colleague may not be receiving the recognition she deserves. 

01 Delivery Costs

You are a new hire at a company known for quick reliable delivery. Your first task? Review a lucrative but dangerous marketing program. 

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